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The Languages Company has particular expertise in languages policy, learning and teaching and a particular key role to play in supporting the National Languages Strategy.  But there are many other key players who are important for the Strategy. In England we are fortunate in the number and quality of our key partners.

There are the main Government agencies supporting languages –

Department for Education
DFE Teaching Agency

There are the organisations specialising in languages or including support for languages in their brief

British Academy
British Council
Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL)
Network for Languages
Subject Centre

Languages – Multilingualism – is an international affair, and so we work with the main Embassies in London as well as with the principal European institutions supporting languages

Council of Europe Languages Policy Unit
European Centre for Modern Languages
EU Commission for Multilingualism
Institut Français
Goethe Institut
Istituto Italiana du Cultura
Consejería de Educación
Japan Foundation


The Languages Company also works with many partners abroad, on a variety of different projects:

Taaluniecentrum NVT, Belgium


This list is not exhaustive.  Please contact us if we have inadvertently omitted your organisation.

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