Migrants in London

Funded by the EU Commission, Media4Us and the Migrants Resource Centre are delivering a new European-wide media initiative with the overall aims of:

  • giving greater exposure to migrant journalists and across Europe
  • increasing the visibility of migrants’ participation in and contributions to society
  • reporting more accurately on topics relating to migrants and immigration

Metro London as well as various other Metro titles across Europe carried a four page pull out on 20 November giving a platform to migrants with articles and picturs about the lives of migrants in London. Please read the article here (pages 33 – 36)

LUCIDE Research Survey launched

The LUCIDE network is developing ideas about how to manage multilingual citizen communities and building up a picture of how communication occurs in multilingual settings across the EU and beyond. Please take part in the research survey  to help us understand better how our cultural richness can strengthen the “diverse unity” of the 21st century.

To find out more about the project and our partners please see the LUCIDE website