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The European Commission’s Erasmus programme of funding

The European Commission’s Erasmus programme of funding for cultural and work exchange between institutions and individuals has been relaunched with an increase of over 40% in its budget. It is called Erasmus+ Institutions & individuals can get funding for work, study or training abroad, and the money is available now. Any individual or institution interested […]

Speak to the Future Campaign for languages

A new campaign, called Speak to the Future, has been launched with the support of over 30 organisations. The campaign calls for urgent action on policy to safeguard and revitalise language learning across all phases of education in order to boost educational and career opportunities for young people and our ability to compete in the […]

Dr Lid King in debate with Baroness Blackstone

Dr Lid King, Director of the Languages Company, was invited to attend the ‘No Island Is An Island’ Conference, hosted by the European Commission in London on 18 October 2013. He and Baroness Blackstone, member of the House of Lords (UK upper chamber of Parliament) debated the merits of language learning. The debate can be […]

Language Festival 2013 throughout November

The British Academy and the Guardian are holding a national Language Festival throughout November 2013 to celebrate the UK’s diverse cultural richness and raise the profile of language learning among learners of all ages. The Language Festival website, hosted by the Guardian, provides a platform for schools, higher education institutions, policy makers and businesses from […]

New national curriculum for England announced

On 11 September 2013 the Secretary of State for Education published the new national curriculum framework following a series of public consultations. The majority of the new national curriculum will come into force from September 2014. The big news is that languages will be compulsory in primary schools for the first time at Key Stage […]

The case for language learning – Guardian series

Join the national debate on the importance of language learning and help us put languages back on the agenda.’ The Guardian, supported by the British Academy, is running a series on the importance of languages in our society. Join the language festival on the campaign website: www.theguardian.com/education/series/the-case-for-language-learning

2013 GCSE Results

Languages show a dramatic rise in number of entries The Joint Council for Qualifications released the following statement today (22/08/13): Following years of decline, this year’s results show a dramatic rise in the number of entries for GCSE languages. Entries for traditional languages (French, German, Spanish) are up 16.9 per cent compared with last year […]

Ofqual to investigate variations in the number of A* and A grades

The Telegraph reports: Ofqual is to launch an investigation into “variations” in the number of A* and A grades awarded in traditional sixth-form exams, it was revealed. In a report, the regular said the proportion of top marks differed significantly between subjects each year. It raised particularly concerns over modern foreign languages such as French, […]