A Positive Messengers Creative Tool developed in collaboration with Hope Not Hate

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This ‘creative tool’ is a PowerPoint with audio file voiceovers from trainers, to talk you through “Difficult Conversations” techniques for engaging with individuals who are expressing hate speech, by using a combination of empathetic listening and Socratic questioning. This is proven to be “particularly effective in persuading people to change their thinking” and is especially useful for people working to support refugees and immigrants.

The PowerPoint has been developed by the UK partners in the Positive Messengers project in collaboration with Hope Note Hate who developed the original “Difficult Conversations” training model.

Positive Messengers is a project funded by the European Commission involving a consortium of 8 organisations from 7 European countries: Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania and the UK.  It aims to confront the issue of online hate speech in particular hate speech which is targeted against migrants, refugees and people of different nationalities and religions.

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