CfBT Education Trust is working on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE) to support schools in improving languages education ensuring that more children have a positive experience of language learning from primary through to Key Stage 4. A key aim is to increase the numbers of children gaining a GCSE qualification in a language and consequently the number of children achieving the EBac.

The DfE has asked CFBT to run a programme with a selection of schools from the first cohort of new Teaching Schools and their alliance schools to establish clear models of best practice for languages education which can be shared and replicated by primary and secondary schools across the country. The programme runs until March 2013 and pays particular attention to the recommendations of the recent OFSTED report on languages education. By the end of this period it is envisaged that the Teaching Schools will be able to continue leading improvements in languages education without the support provided by the programme.

For more information contact:

Carmel O’Hagan (Lead for Languages Education – Secondary) Email: COHagan@cfbt.com

Therese Comfort (Lead for Languages Education – Primary) Email: TComfort@cfbt.com